Regardless of its age, the first trip to the vet allows a doctor to analyze your furry friend’s medical history and physical shape. If you’re unsure of what to ask your vet on the first visit, try to get a sense of what the appointment will include.

If the animal has medical records, a visit to the vet could reveal any preexisting conditions. With a physical exam, the doctor will inspect your pet’s eyes, ears, teeth, heart, lungs and other organs. Vets can usually detect illnesses or intestinal parasites, fleas, heartworms or other pests that may have followed your pet home.

If your furry friend is not at a healthy weight, you may be advised to change its diet and maximize nutritional intake while minimizing the risk of digestive issues. A full check-up at the vet’s office could reduce the chances of developing a surprise sickness.

Adult animals have also likely developed their personalities based on the environments in which they were trained. Shelters may not have had the resources or time to prevent behavioral or health problems, making it mission-critical that you follow the vet’s instructions.

At Manhattan Animal Clinic, we provide the best medical care for your pet with the best veterinary team around. We will give your companion a comprehensive, stress-free exam (and use lots of positive reinforcement). Be ready to ask our veterinarian lots of questions. Our attention is all yours.

As your appointment approaches, you’ll receive an email with a few things to bring to make the most of your comprehensive exam. If you have a high-energy pup, a long walk before their visit never hurts!

Feel great knowing that you have given your furry friend the highest quality of pet care! Rest assured knowing that you have a skilled team that will always be there for you and your pet.

Here is what you need to know about your pet’s first visit:

Your Pet’s First Visit will include:

  • Dental Check
  • Skin, Ears, Eyes, & Heart Check
  • Current Record Review & Health Plan
  • External Parasite Exam & Consultation
  • Diet and Nutrition Consultation

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